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plant based vitamins promote optimal healthShopping for vitamins and supplements

… it shouldn’t just be about price.

You need a product that will absorb into your system and be tops at keeping you healthy and vibrant. Your body deserves quality, not products that are simply cheap to buy.

The best way to accomplish this is to buy plant-based multi-vitamin mineral supplements that possess the vitality and life of organically grown plants.


Just watch these 3 videos and decide for yourself:
  1. Why Supplement? (Watch the first video: 1 min, 15 sec)
  2. Why This Brand? (Second video: 1 min, 31 sec)
  3. Our Farms Set Us Apart (Third video, 2 min, 14 sec)

After the 3rd video, you may use the “SHOP HERE” link, bottom of this page.

Step 1: VIDEO – WHY SUPPLEMENTATION? [1 min, 15 sec]


Step 2: VIDEO – WHY THIS BRAND? [1 min, 31 sec.]


Step 3: OUR FARMS SET US APART [2 min, 14 sec.]


Can’t wait to get started on our plant based supplements?

We recommend either Double X monthly supplement (flagship product), or Perfect Pack (super flagship product).  

Simply click   SHOP HERE (US)  or  SHOP HERE (CANADA),  and type one of these two product names, noted above in red in the search bar top right of the shop page. 

Note: Once you’ve placed an order, why not  email us  to let us know. If you’re serious about a regular program, we have discounts available for regular users.

To your Optimal Health,
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